Guru Parampara
Pudu Periyava

  • Suyajna was realized  in 2001 with the blessings of Paramacharya H.H.Sri.
    Chadrasekarendra Saraswati Swamiji and the Kamakoti Acharya parampara .

  • While in a study on five senses in 2001  initially it has been conceptualized as
    Vedya Sanket ( as a signal from Omniscient)

  • Out of this concept, with an uninvited inflow of students , some general studies ,  
    informal group discussions  got initiated in 2002 , with their project focus
    gradually evolving in the fields related to  five senses

  • Due to our observations and outpour of some publications,  in 2005 , these are
    associated with an organization called Samskruti. We named it this way as we
    believe culture/samskara is a very  important aspect of  growth. With Samskara
    only all the talent, education , status or any growth is meaningful.

  • In order to have the logistics covered in 2006 SuYajna is established as a trust ,
    with Samskruti, as the  research and informative unit of SuYajna. This was driven
    by students,  projects and various events .

  • With the pick of the social activity on a regular basis this is re-registered as
    "Suyajna Trust" in 2015.