Guru Parampara
Pudu Periyava
Chidagnikundasambhuta Devakarya Samudyata ....
Chidagni kundasambhuta: Who came out of the fire of Pure Consciousness.
Devakarya samudyata: Who promotes the cause of Divine forces.
- Lalita Sahasranamam

  • Suyajna was realized  in 2001 with the blessings of Paramacharya H.H.Sri.
    Chadrasekarendra Saraswati Swamiji and the Kamakoti Acharya parampara .

  • Suyajna was functional by 2002, specified by 2005 and registered in 2006.  
    Further as it evolved  it is registered as "Suyajna Trust" in 2015.

What is Suyajna

  • Along with the routine professional  and personal life , the goal is to do at least
    some activities  for welfare of others too .

  • Aim  is to do  these activities not only individually/with our own families,  but as
    a  team inspiring  and motivating each other to plan and execute .
Why  be with  Suyajna

Shiksha kshyam gachati kalaparyayat
Subhaddamoola nipatanti paadapaaha
Jalam jalasthana gatam cha shushyati
Hutam cha dattam cha tathaiva tisthati"

Translation : Your knowledge diminishes with time, a strong rooted tree will fall at
some point of time, water stored in a water body will evaporate at some point of
time, but the sacrifice given in a ritual(meaning, the work you have done in your life)
will always remain with you. The essence of Purusha sooktam also mentions the
importance of SuYajna !

As part of the routine life,  we are blessed with several resources like talents,
education, family, jobs, money , space , time and the many dimensions of life. ! None
of this, which comes  in  due course through our patience ,hard work through time
can be taken for granted as all of this sees meaning  only when respected for
its/their  own role. It is important that not only us, but all around us also understand
this carefully to “succeed through life”  at different levels . 

Participation in Suyajna  helps us to keep up awareness of our surroundings, manage
our resources and get a broader perspective of life to peace. This direction has also
been reiterated by our Gurus, GODs through several instances !
Dedication: Universal peace prevails because of a few great souls who cared for
many with immense sacrifices. Our efforts are humbly dedicated to such serene souls.

Kaayena Vaacha Manasendriyairvaat Budhyaatmanavaat Prakriteh Swabhaavaat /
Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai Naraayanaayeti Samarpayaami //

Om Namoh Narayanayah  ( The Virat Parama Purusha)