Jan 26, 2014  : SuYajna  Event2 :: Sarvajna ( Women Welfare )
HandiCrafts :  Sankranti
Event Detail                      
January season is special for many things , especially Sun-GOD and Sankraman. Many festivals regionally as
Sankranti , Pongal, Lori etc are celebrated all around India.  Handicrafts around these festivals as theme is the
essence of the event.

What is the Event :  We are planning to have an exhibition of the handicrafts done by the participants around
the theme Jan festivals. You can sell your handicraft also ...  and if some is interested they can buy.

Venue :  Near Seetha Circle , GiriNagar

When  :  Jan 26 , 3 pm -7.00  pm

Who all can Participate :  All  male and female , kids too .... ! They need not be core members of SuYajna

Materials Used :  Any material is OK . ( Please note that there will be a separate drawing or sketching
workshop later. )

Remote Participation :  Some enthusiastic participants out of Bangalore also expressed interest to take part
remotely.  We request them to take a good digital picture of their work, describe the materials and work and
send over the picture.

Picture Album/Gallery :  There will be definitely a picture gallery for each and every work included.