Feb, 2014  : SuYajna  Event2 :: Samskara ( Values  )
Dampati Pooja (Multi-site Event)

Event Detail        
Maagha maasa , a special season for marriages and auspicious by Lord Shiva !  Shiva and shakti together can
create and transform lots more as said in Saundaryalahari

shivaH shaktyA yukto yadi bhavati shaktaH prabhavituM
na cedevaM devo na khalu khushalaH spanditum api |
atastvAmArAdhyAM hari hara virañcyAdibhir api
praNantuM stotuM vA kathamakRta puNyaH prabhavati ||

If Shiva is united with Shakti, he is able to exert his powers as lord;
if not, the god is not able to stir.  Hence to you, who must be propitiated by Hari, Hara, Virañci, and the other
gods,  how can one who has not acquired merit be fit to offer reverence and praise?

What is Dampati Puja

Dampati Puja’ is for husband and wife as a couple , presuming that the worship was for ‘Adi- Dampatis’ , Shiva
and Shakti.  It is an occasion to pay our respect to the couple and present them some essentials useful for them.

What is the Event :  
  • Identify a couple (preferably very seniors , within or outside your family circle who made a difference not
    only to their own family but to many out side their relatives or some one who is great at heart
  • Honour this couple by doing any of the following
  • Make them both sit comfortably in chairs
  • Wash their feet ,  puja with flowers
  • Give them clothes or anything  you know they need
  • Do a pradakshina around and they are the supreme couple of the moment
  • Please take atleast one picture , picture gallery link and send over

Venue :
This is a multi-site event and all can do at their own places. You can do it at your own place for the couple of your
choice and location/city  or you can come to  our home at  Seetha Circle, GiriNagar
Take a picture and send over

When  :  Feb 2014  . At other place it can be at your own timings but only in Feb.

Who all can Participate :  Any one , inform  your friends and families nearer to your place