Event Detail :

What is the Event : Donating by requirement of the girls as specified here  or anything to do with
the daily routine of girls/female child. Under this event for this time we are planning to do material or
cash donation ( later events at this place may focus on intellectual contributions /books/projects )  .

First donation happened on Apr 5, 2014. ( Clothes and vessels ).  

Venue :

Radhakrishna BalaBhavan is trying to help girl children of age groups 5-18 of various backgrounds
who are deprived of parental care . It is a residential complex for these girls.

When  :  Apr 2014  ( very likely 3 or 4th sunday)   .

Who all can Participate :  Any one , inform  your friends and families nearer to your place

Apr 2014  :  SuYajna  Event2 :: Sarvajna & Sreeda (Women/Girl - Welfare & Donations )

Balika Vikaas